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A little bit about our accommodation so you know what to expect.


Our Bungalows

Simoa Bungalows are owned and managed by local chef Mark Shong and provide basic, authentic stays in traditional island style beach bungalows. The accommodation has cement walls and traditional thatched roof constructed from bamboo, cane and leaf. Each bungalow includes either a double bed (or double and single bed) with mosquito net, mirror, towels and sheets, plus a bucket flush toilet in a separate room. There is a table outside for meals.

There are no mod-cons, no electricity or hot showers. If you enjoy camping, getting close to nature and like eating great food, you’ll love it here in one of the top island locations in the world.

If you want 4 or 5 star accommodation, room service, kids club and evening entertainment, you won’t like our style.

If you want to get back to nature and experience life in a traditional village, Simoa Bungalows offer an affordable and unique experience, never to be forgotten!


Vt3500 per person per night (approx. AUD $35.00-40.00 depending on exchange rate). (Rate includes basic bungalow accommodation, breakfast, lunch & dinner prepared for you by island chef Mark Shong)