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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Pele Island?

You need to arrange bus transport to Emua Jetty then take a 20 minutes motor boat ride to Pele Island. Emua Jetty is about a 50 minute drive from Port Vila. Please ask us to pick you up from the airport or hotel.

Is Pele Island suitable for children?

Yes, Pele Island is ideal for children. We have soft, sandy beaches and calm, warm waters which children love to paddle or swim. They can learn to snorkel straight off the beach, experiencing some of the best underwater views possible. (Do remember sunhat, sunscreen and reef shoes though!) Friendly island residents, local village life, our wildlife and our relaxed lifestyle will excite your children and they’ll remember their time on Pele forever. Chef Mark caters well for all tastes and children will love his fried rice, chicken and tropical fruit meals. We suggest bringing bottled water for drinking which is kinder to little tummies!

What's special about Pele Island?

Pele Island sits in the Nguna-Pele Marine Protected Area (MPA), surrounded by 3000 hectares of pristine coral reefs, abundant sea life, sea-grass beds, mangrove forests and inter-tidal lagoon. Run by a local non-governmental organisation made up of sixteen island communities dedicated to the protection and conservation of marine resources, it is the first of its kind in Vanuatu and serves as a model for other island-initiated conservation efforts.

Visitors will enjoy white sandy beaches, magnificent swimming and snorkelling, spectacular coral reefs and the natural resources and environment of the island.

Pele Island is special – a Pacific Island paradise!

Where is Pele Island?

Pele Island is a small island 7 miles offshore from Vanuatu’s main island Efate. The Nguna-Pele Marine Protected Area is run by a local non-governmental organisation made up of sixteen island communities dedicated to the protection and conservation of marine resources. Being the first of its kind in Vanuatu, it serves as a model for other island-initiated conservation efforts.

Do the bungalows have electricity?

No, there is no electricity on the island so there are no lights or electronic devices in the bungalows. Bring your torch and have your mobile phone fully charged before you come – or better still, turn it off and experience a few days free of technology and interruptions!

Is there a hot shower?

No, but there is a bucket for washing plus a huge expanse of warm, clear water only meters from your bungalow door!

Is there a toilet?

Yes, but you’ll have to use a bucket of water to flush it!

Why are the rates so cheap compared to other resorts?

Simoa Bungalows provides basic, authentic stays in traditionally built beach bungalows. There are no mod-cons, no electricity or hot showers. If you enjoy camping, getting close to nature and like eating great food, you’ll love it here in one of the top locations in the world.

Will I like staying at Simoa Bungalows?

If you want 4 or 5 star accommodation, room service, kids club and evening entertainment – No!
If you want to get back to nature and experience life in a traditional village bungalow with basic facilities – YES!

Can I fish on Pele Island?

Not without special permission from the villagers. The island and its surrounds are a protected marine park so no fishing is allowed. However, local villagers are allowed to fish for food so you can ask them where it is allowed. Be sure that Chef Mark will cook up some fine fish meals for you during your stay.

What can I do on Pele Island?

Apart from the fantastic snorkelling and swimming, you can take leisurely walks along the sandy beaches, take more energetic hikes into the centre of the island, take out a local canoe, tour one of the 3 villages on the island, chat to locals, see nature at its best, see the chooks, pigs and pat the friendly dogs. Better still, take things easy, read a good book or just relish the opportunity to laze under a palm tree – a world away from technology and stress.

Is there a shop on the island?

There is no food shop on the island so bring any snacks you might want to eat between meals – although Mark’s meals will ensure you don’t go hungry! There are some lovely local stalls which sell jewellery, shells and other locally made Melanesian products so bring some cash for souvenirs to take home.

Is there mobile reception on Pele Island?

Yes, there is good mobile phone coverage on Pele Island.

What if I'm sick on Pele Island?

There are no medical facilities on Pele Island but we are only a 20 minute boat ride from the mainland and then 50 minutes to Port Vila where there are good medical facilities.